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Le désordre et la nuit is a pretty unremarkable film. You are giving it 3 ½ stars, I am rating it with 3. You tell me, that the police procedural and the criminal case is not “original“, but then the movie “has some very daring elements“. I am telling my readers the same thing by referring to a script in which the main plot is subpar standard, but then the film is lifted by elements that in comparison are ahead of its time. Obviously, you allow youself to estimaste the movie like that while my review “makes no sense“. In movies like Razzia sur la chnouf (1955), in Le désordre et la nuit (1957) or in Le pacha (1968) and surely in all of his movies where he played Jules Maigret we are getting the same kind of Jean Gabin – the grumpy cop. I didn’t say that he could not do better no more! Take a look at my reviews of Voici le temps des assassins... (1956) or Mélodie en sous-sol (1963), two films in which Gabin simply is great… Which brings us to the main difference here: You are accusing me doing Gabin a disservice and being unable to make up my mind. Accusing people is not a good start into any conversation about such an issue, something I otherwise love to do, because disagreement even is a necessity for a fruitful and respectful debate. But… don’t get me started on those.

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